Consumer Financing in Schaumburg IL

In business, you are constantly working towards improvement of a good thing. At RLS Commercial Capital, we understand that your company is important, and we have the professionals and the services it takes to help get your business ahead. Our consumer finance program can be tailor-made to the specific needs that you have. For Schaumburg businesses that sell services or products at less than $10,000, this is a flexible solution that could really make business improve.

What Is Involved?

Consumer financing isn’t too complicated, and when you work with our financial professionals, it becomes even easier. Some of the benefits involved include:

  • Immediate credit approval and processing
  • Bad debt portfolio collection
  • Tiered consumer pricing
  • Financing for customers with as low as a 580 FICO score
  • Financing for previous turndowns
  • Financing for most industries
  • Abilities to create program incentives
  • Interest rate flexibility for your customers

When we say most industries, we truly mean it. Some examples of businesses and organizations we work with include medical and dental, travel and security, jewelry and furniture, private and vocational schools, retail and so much more.

Find Financing Today

If you are ready to show your Schaumburg customers how much you appreciate them, contact RLS Commercial Capital today to find the consumer financing that will benefit everyone.