Franchise Financing and Funding in Schaumburg IL

Franchise ownership can get competitive, and without proper funding, you could fall behind. At RLS Commercial Capital, we want to make sure you come out on top and stay there. Franchise financing options allow you to meet all monetary needs whether you are just starting out or are ready to make some improvements after years of business.

Uses for Funding

When you think of franchise funding, realize that there isn’t just one use for the funds you receive. Consider using the capital for:

  • Remodeling – If your building is rundown, or you need an extra room in back, extra capital could make for a nice remodel.
  • Refinancing – Sometimes it just makes business better when you can find a lower rate through a refinance solution.
  • Real Estate – Purchasing the real estate you need to begin with is a big expense, but our financing solutions make it easier to manage.
  • Acquisition – If you have gone into business with a partner in Schaumburg, IL and want to buy them out, or if you want to acquire the franchise to begin with, our financial experts can walk you through it.
  • Equipment – In the restaurant industry you’ll need stoves and refrigerators. In the printing industry you’ll need binders and laminators. Afford your equipment more easily with a funding or leasing option.

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Opening a franchise is a great adventure and one that is made easier with the proper loan. Contact RLS Commercial Capital today to learn more about what you can do to afford everything for your Schaumburg franchise.