Health Care Financing in Schaumburg IL

For doctors, veterinarians, chiropractors and dentists, RLS Commercial Capital is the leader in healthcare financing. You have many responsibilities and needs when it comes to the equipment and other items required to provide the best medical care for your patients. For this reason, we offer programs that will help you obtain the funding for these items, without suffering financially.

Our Healthcare Programs

To offer your patients the most comprehensive care, you need comprehensive financing options. The following are the programs we offer:

  • Working Capital – These funds can basically be used however you see fit to improve your healthcare facility. We don’t require payments upfront, and working capital is not reported to the credit bureau as a personal credit.
  • Practice Acquisition – Our acquisition program allows you to expand your expertise by buying out a partner or buying into a practice.
  • Medical Equipment Lease – We have various options for leasing medical equipment, and are committed to helping you find the perfect fit. In some cases, we can work with you towards a lease and loan in conjunction with one another.
  • Debt Consolidation – Rather than paying many high monthly payments on your debts, we will get them paid off and only require a small monthly payment from you.

Getting Started

Contact RLS Commercial Capital today to get started with healthcare financing. We look forward to helping your practice improve.