Purchase Order Financing in Schaumburg IL

If you are having a hard time finding funds to acquire pre-sold merchandise, RLS Commercial Capital has your solution. Our purchase order financing program offers companies the loan they will need to cover domestic production, importing or exporting pre-sold goods. We work with wholesalers, producers, resellers and distributors to ensure that everyone in the industry can help it run smoothly. Whether you have been in business for many years or are just starting out, let us help you obtain the funds you need.

How Does Purchase Order Funding Benefit My Company?

At RLS Commercial Capital, we are committed to your success. Allowing us to finance your purchase orders puts you in a good position. Some of the benefits your company will see include:

  • Growth that is not attached to loss of equity or increased bank debt
  • Flexible funding that is received fast
  • Timely deliveries ensured to every one of your customers
  • Larger profits made due to the capability to fulfill larger orders
  • Market share increases

Don’t Wait to Save

When you contact RLS Commercial Capital for purchase order financing, you are putting your company in a position to save. Don’t wait to give us a call so we can discuss how this option can put you ahead in business.